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Mary Wright

 A few years ago I had the opportunity of meeting Pastor Connie Bivens at a prayer breakfast that was hosted by a mutual friend of ours. I was very impressed with her.  A group of women from my church decided to attend the Encouraging the Heart, Woman to Woman Ministries Annual Conference that was being held later that year. As I was the focal point from my group, I had the opportunity to work closely with Pastor Connie in making the arrangements for my group. She and I became friends and I was intrigued to understand what the ministry was all about. After attending a couple more of Encouraging The Heart events I felt that I could add value to the team from an administrative standpoint.


For Mary it was the camaraderie amongst the women and the genuine love and concern they shared that drew her. The other reason she was drawn was the impact that Encouraging the Heart has on all women. Mary soon became a partner and now serves as the Care Team Administrative Assistant.  joined the group as one of the team leaders and it has been a joy to work with this group of women and get to know them which  I now call my sisters.

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