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 Betheena Baker




Betheena Baker is an outgoing, active, adventurous individual who loves a challenge and thrives in an environment of change.  Betheena enjoys being a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend.  I like helping others discover their purpose in life and navigate through life’s maze, which can sometimes be tricky. 


Eight years ago, I was invited to an Encouraging the Heart Woman to Woman Ministry conference.  During this experience, I was able to talk, share, laugh, and cry with women just like me.  Women who were in the middle of tests and trials just like me.  I was in my element, my environment.  The conference provided a forum for the women to get their needs meet.  It was a safe place. Realizing my own flaws, faults, and some successes, I wanted to be an instrument for others to do the same.   I was able to do this by becoming a partner with Encouraging the Heart Woman to Woman Ministry.  Being a part of this ministry has enriched my life and helps me to fulfill my purpose.

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