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Shmeka Rackard


Shmeka is the wife of a wonderful and powerful man of God, Minister George Rackard.  Together they have two daughters, Neila Rackard and Myr'rical Rackard whose name is a testimony of her birth, and a son, Caleb.

Shmeka accepted Jesus and her personal Savior at the age of 23 and promised Him that she would live for Him.   Since accepting Jesus in her life Shmeka feels an urgency to encourage every man, woman, boy, and girl through sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  At the age of 27 she accepted God's plan for her life and uses her gifts faithfully in her local church.


She is an anointed psalmist who has used her love for music and worship to get her through some of the most difficult times in her life.

Shmeka is an Encouraging the Heart partner and she currently serves as the CARE Team Coordinator ensuring the members of the Encouraging the Heart, Woman to Woman Ministries leadership team are encouraged and empowered to accomplish all they set out to do for women all over the world.


Shmeka has accomplished much with an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology and a Masters in Professional Counseling.  She is currently a Social Worker who serves the elderly population.  God has blessed Shmeka with many gifts and talents that she is using to encourage others to trust the Lord and receive all He has for them.  

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